As with all the Wachusett Pest Control pest programs, our trained and skilled applicators will inspect the areas and devise a treatment plan that is cost effective and reliable.  The applicators may recommend to the home owner ways to reduce or eliminate harboring or breeding areas through the use of integrated pest management strategies.  Our mosquito program helps kill and repel the pests through the use of green insecticides which are all natural and safe to use around children and pets.  It complies with EPA Regulation for 25(b) exempt pesticides.  The frequency of treatment is a 5 application program that encompasses the most active parts of the insects life cycle.  Starting in May and continuing for a 5 month period.  The mosquito and tick program also controls other nuisance insects on contact.



Wachusett Pest Control recommends the professional approach to controlling the mosquito and tick problem.  We will complete a thorough investigation to identify the problem and design a specific program for the management of mosquito and ticks at your home or business.

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