As with all the Wachusett Pest Control pest programs, our trained and skilled applicators will inspect the areas and devise a treatment plan that is cost effective and reliable.  The best solution to reducing a hornet/wasp problem is to spray external areas that are known problem areas, such as eaves and overhangs in the spring and fall.  The insecticide used will last approximately 3-4 months so a semiannual program is recommended.  Contact with the treated areas will eventually kill the insects. The easiest way to eradicate a hornet/wasp problem is to locate the nest, whether in a tree, shrub, or in the ground.  A localized treatment can eradicate the problem immediately.

wasp honeybee

Wachusett Pest Control recommends the professional approach to controlling the hornet/wasp problem.  We will complete a thorough investigation to identify the problem and design a specific program for the management of hornets/wasps at your home or business.

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