As with all the Wachusett Pest Control pest programs, our trained and skilled applicators will inspect the areas and devise a treatment plan that is cost effective and reliable.
Fleas are pests of humans and their domestic animals.  Infestation can occur from animal to animal or from outside locations to an unsuspecting animal walking by.  Once in the home, the fleas can drop to the carpets, chair, couch, bed or any other piece of furniture that the pet or human comes in contact with.

Phase 1 of the treatment is to have the pet professionally de-flea.   No home treatment will be completed without the pet being treated.  Typical treatment includes all rugs, furniture, and beddings initially and a second treatment within 14 days as prevention.    Immature growth regulators are used to control eggs that may have fallen into the carpets, chair, couch, bed or any other piece of furniture.

Wachusett Pest Control recommends the professional approach to controlling the flea problem.  We will complete a thorough investigation to identify the problem and design a specific program for the management of fleas at your home or business.

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