As with all the Wachusett Pest Control pest programs, our trained and skilled applicators will inspect the areas and devise a treatment plan that is costeffective and reliable.  The applicators will start by asking the home owner if they have any special concerns or have noted locations of ants or sawdust.  The applicators will inspect the areas of concern to determine the extent of infestation and method of treatment.  The home owner is more familiar with their home than the applicator and can aid in diagnosing the insect problem so the applicator can devise an effective treatment plan.  Carpenter ants are the most destructive of the ant family.  The ants do not eat wood for nutrition.  They will chew tunnels in wood to lay eggs and raise their young. The sawdust is excavated to raise their young inside.  The finding of sawdust indicates a potential nesting site and is helpful to eradicating the ant problem.

Ant Image

Although finding the potential nest site is helpful, if it is not found, the methods and materials used to treat carpenter ants work in such a way that enough of the workers come into contact with the material and strategically placed baits that full eradication can still be achieved.

Wachusett Pest Control recommends the professional approach to controlling the ant problem.  We will complete a thorough investigation to identify the problem and design a specific program for the management of ants at your home or business.

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